Missing your flight over 1 extra gram of lithium in that battery pack

Because taking off your shoes, belt, coat, and your computer out of it’s case isn’t hassle enough in the airport security lines, the TSA has issued new regulations concerning the type, quantity, and volume of batteries you can carry or check at the airport.

Here’s a quick overview:

  • You can’t check spare batteries anymore (like for your camera, computer, cell phone, whatever), but you can check batteries that are installed in the device.
  • You can carry on as many batteries as you like, as long as they contain less than 8 grams of lithium each.  HUH?  To figure out how much lithium is in those batteries, you’ll need to multiply the voltage by the mAh, then divide by 1000.  That will give you watt hours.  As long as your less than 100 watt hours, you’re okay.
  • Alkaline or Nickel batteries aren’t a concern.

Don’t forget to pack your calculator since you’ll be doing math while waiting for that long security line.  Just make sure the battery is less than 100 watt hours!

Since gas was briefly over $100 a barrel yesterday, and the security at the airports is getting RIDICULOUS, I’m voting to increase spending on R&D for a transporter.  Star Trek had it right!