My biological clock

I’m 33.  I always wanted kids.  I’ve worked with kids of all ages, and have always believed I’d have a family.  My husband is R-E-A-D-Y to have a family, like 3 years ago.  But for some stupid reason, I’m not.

I always thought the ‘biological clock’ was this feeling you’d get when you look at kids, a nurturing, wanting, sweet feeling.  Like – awwww, so cute!  I want one of those!!!

Not for me.  The biological clock is more like a time bomb that has backed me into a $%#!! corner and is screaming in my face – if you EVER want to do this, you better do it NOW or you’ll never do it!

Who knew?

I would give a lot for an extra 10 years here.  I’m not done growing up.  I want to play, I like having money to travel and go out and have freedom and live my life and exercise and do whatever-the-hell-i-want-whenever-i-want.  I’m NOT READY.  But like it or not, my husband and I made an agreement that by June, we’d ‘pull the goalie’.  June is in 2 months.  Wonder if it’s a coincidence that I’ve planned my triathlon for the end of June?

So, I’m looking forward to having kids.  Just not looking forward to losing a part of my life that I really enjoy.