Getting the most out of TechStars For a Day

  • Techstars for a Day is today in Boulder.  There are 38 applicants attending and a bunch of mentors and alumni.  Its one of my favorite days of the year, the energy in the room is so thick you can hurt yourself if you bump into it too hard.

I have 3 goals for the day.

1.  Help you assess whether Techstars and the Boulder program are right for you.
2.  Help us assess whether you’re right for the Techstars program.
3.  Teach you something – give you information that can help you with your business.

With the sheer number of people in attendance, here are some tried and true things you can do to get the most out of the day – even if you aren’t attending!


  • Watch the events remotely!  We’re live streaming it this year (first time ever in Boulder.).  Watch it at
  • Wear your company t-shirt so we can easily identify you.
  • Come armed with questions for mentors – it helps break the ice and should net you some valuable advice.
  • Have your elevator pitch prepared.  An elevator pitch is only TWO sentences (no extraneous punctuation) and tells me what you do and why I should care.
  • Don’t spend too long with any one person.  Get to know as many mentors and alumni as you can.
  • Be open to feedback and advice – don’t bristle if someone tells you your baby is ugly and don’t take it personally.  Listen in earnest, take the feedback as a data point, try to notice trends in the feedback, then think about adjusting as necessary.
  • Have fun!  We have a ton of fun on this day, so should you.  When you’re having fun, it’s contagious, and no one wants to be around a nervous wreck.
Best of luck to all the teams attending today, I can’t wait to meet you.