Hello TechStars NYC!

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been asked to temporarily move to NYC as the interim Managing Director of the Techstars program.  We’re currently in the midsts of sorting through some amazing candidates for Managing Director there, and in order to make sure the new staff executes flawlessly, with all the support they need, I’ll be there, with husbands and kids in tow.  The NYC program runs from April 2-June 28th 2013 and it’s a GREAT chance for us to live in the most amazing city on the planet.
“BUT WAIT!” you say… “That’s during the Boulder program!”
And that’s true.
I’ve been with the Techstars Boulder program since 2009.  And it’s been amazing.  I’m eyeball deep, I love it here, I’m an investor in the program, I have a vested interest in the health and success of the program.  But I can’t run both programs.  SO – I’m thrilled to announce that Luke Beatty, one of our top mentors and an amazing entrepreneur, has accepted the Managing Director role of Boulder.  He and I will work side by side through 2013 to ensure the success of the program while I’m running NYC.  He’ll be on the ground running the day-to-day, and I’ll be here to ensure his 150% success.  And I’ll be back to Boulder after the NYC program ends.   The NYC program will officially be my 6th Techstars program.  4 in Boulder, 1 at Techstars Cloud in San Antonio.
While I’ll be traveling quite a bit, I’ll always be involved in the Boulder program.  This is my home after all!
Wish me luck, and here’s to continue to build an amazing Techstars program in NYC.