Nicole Serious


I got my entrepreneurial start at a young age, orchestrating cousins into theatrical plays and charging neighbors admission.  Since then, I’ve spent over a decade mentoring and funding early stage web software companies in Colorado, NYC, Texas, and beyond.

Most recently, I’m the Chief Product Officer at Techstars, a global ecosystem for entrepreneurs based out of Boulder, Colorado. I’ve been with Techstars since it’s early days in 2009, have run 8 programs and have close to 90 companies in my portfolio. I’m on the Board of Directors for SimpleEnergy, and the Entrepreneur’s Foundation of Colorado.

Entrepreneur Magazine named me One of the Most 7 Powerful Women to Watch, Business Insider named me one of the Coolest People in New York Tech and an Extraordinary Woman in New York Tech, and Marie Clare named me one of the NewGuard, all proof that women out there doing cool stuff are in hiding, because there are definitely more amazing ladies out there than me. You can read more about me in Elle, hear me at SXSW, or just stalk me on Twitter.

I’m married to the love of my life and have 2 young children under 5 who still don’t sleep through the night.  But they keep me honest, playful, and acutely aware of how short life is.

I love all things outside and you’ll often find me on a trail run, a mountain bike ride, or skiing.  I love to travel to places that are radically different from anything I’ve experienced before.  I have a big fat Greek family with all the hilarity that ensues.  I love pushing my limits, learning new things, being competitive and having fun.  Most entrepreneurs will best describe me as tough love, but the values I hold most dear are trust, transparency, honesty, and helping those around me live up to their full potential.  In fact, at Techstars, we call it #givefirst.  I love movies but hate TV, I never watch the news, I love parties but hate small talk, and email is slowly becoming the bain of my existence.  I have way more ideas in my head than I have time to blog about, so you’ll see me go through writing spurts (then silence).  Oh, and my mom is my hero.