Come say hi at SXSW

If you’re going to be at SXSW and you read my blog, you’re in luck.  We have just a few spots left for the Techstars Party on Saturday night, and I wanted to give you the chance to join in the fun.

RSVP here, and pssst – don’t share it.  It’s for you only!



My favorite give first startup this month…

I’ve been working with a startup called – its a site to help crowdfund the prenatal care of mamas in third world countries.  Those mamas are at astronomically high risk rates of death in pregnancy or childbirth, but that risk is radically reduced by simple prenatal care.  Care that costs less than $250.  Because I’m a mom of two, I cannot fathom losing my baby or losing my life in the process.  It’s something I’m clearly passionate about.  And the founder is an amazing entrepreneur out of  She’s working her butt off to save lives of babies and mamas around the world, and I applaud her efforts.

Recently, Brad & Amy Feld donated $1K to in my name because I spent 2 hours out of a morning to help them with a small conference.  Because I took 2 hours out of my day, Amy & Brad made a huge impact at and specifically for this mama, Aspara.  Its another example how a little giving first ends up impacting the community an order of magnitude more.  So thank you Amy & Brad, thank you

Kangu Aspara

I would have failed finishing school

20130907-180942.jpgI’m enjoyingmy first afternoon tea experience, here in London. Felt like an appropriate place to get familiar with the custom.

It’s white glove service, down to the server putting my white linen napkin on my lap for me. There’s a harpist playing behind me, the Thames is flowing lazily at my feet, I’m surrounded by sophisticated ladies in hats with feathers and veils, and I’ve just experienced what a scone is supposed to taste like. They’re delicious! I’m doing my best to look like I belong here.

Sadly, I also dropped the raspberry merengue in my lap, so now my black skirt is smeared with white merengue mush. To add insult to injury, I attempted to rescue the dessert as it was still falling and managed to splash most of my peach-white-tea (picked only 2 nights a year off a special bush in china and flown in within 24 hrs of harvest) on my cream colored top. It made quite the commotion (all that fine bone china clanking around in my clumsiness) and the whole restaurant turned to see the source of the noise. The distraction even caused the harpist to miss a string or two (I think, or maybe that was my heart pounding from embarrassment over her beautiful melodies).

So if you happen to spot me somewhere, and I look sophisticated, I promise you I’m faking it.

Startup Phenomenon Women is September 3rd, and it’s going to rock


If you want better bottom lines – you put women at the helm.  Women make such amazing entrepreneurs, and I LOVE to see this movement taking hold.  On September 3rd, Startup Phenomenon Women is taking place.  It’s a conference geared for both women AND men to understand how to better support women into more startups.

Join myself and some other amazing women at this great conference in Boulder.  Get your tickets today, they’re going fast.


Canada Day

We have a sense of humor here at the Techstars office in Boulder.  Someone, not sure who, decided to remind us that Canada Day, which was Sunday, July 1, is important too! Hmmm, I’m looking at you Ubooly or DealAngel!

By the way, what you can’t see is a Celion Dion song plays every time you open the fridge.  Fantastic prank, and especially loving the moose head on my office door!  Awesome way to start the week.