Margaritas, ab muscles, and Pavlov

I have a hypothesis and am looking for someone to validate it for me.

Pavlov was a founder of classical conditioning.  His experiements showed that if you repeatedly rang a bell before presenting a dog with food, the dog would salivate.  Pretty soon you could stop presenting the dog with food, but the dog would still salivate at the sound of the bell.

Why can’t this work for abdominal muscles?  I’ll drink a margarita, then do crunches.  Margarita, crunches.  Margarita, crunches.  Pretty soon I can stop doing the crunches and my abdominal muscles will still respond after I do abs.

Anyone care to give it a shot?

How drinking makes you smarter

It’s darwinian really.

As the lions pick off the weakest of the herd, thus removing the weaker genes from the herd’s gene pool and strengthening the genes of the future generations of the herd, so goes drinking.

Drinking eliminates the weakest brain cells, thus strengthening the whole.  Drink more!

Bacon Grease Hot!

Colorado is HOT.

I always love it when those from warmer climates claim they couldn’t reside in Colorado because it’s too cold.  Boston is cold.  North Carolina is cold!  Sometimes, Florida is actually colder than Colorado (thanks to that nasty little water thing called humidity).

But for the last week, it’s been so hot in Colorado that a cup full of bacon grease has yet to congeal.  Yes, it’s been on my kitchen counter for a week.   What’s your point?

It’s so hot that I layed on the floor butt naked eating frozen green peas (even ice cream was melting too fast).

Cold showers never felt so good.

Gigya –

I just read about Gigya, an interesting new product that takes allows you to customize your email layout, look, and feel, like you can your myspace pages.

I haven’t had time to check it out yet.  If you do, let me know what you think.

Park your car at a consignment shop…

So my husband and I are off for a 3 month sabbatical to South America, and are having a difficult time deciding where to leave our cars for 3 months. We’ve got house sitters, so our driveway is out of the question. We want our cars periodically started to keep them alive, and maybe even somehow protected from the elements.  But we don’t know anyone with an extra 2 spaces in their garage, and the street in front of our house isn’t very long, prohibiting others (like our tenants!) from parking there.

Lu – “You should put your car for sale at one of those consignment shops, but put a high price tag on it.”

Me – Brilliant. So if it sells, then I’d be getting more than I would otherwise get for the car. FABULOUS. And if it doesn’t, well then someone has been washing it, keeping an eye on it and caring for it while I’m gone. For free.

Damn, why didn’t I think of that?