Gmail going IMAP?

Just heard a rumor that Google’s gmail is going IMAP!

For those that aren’t already on gmail, it’s time to seriously check it out. I’m in the process now of switching all of my mail accounts over to gmail. The 2 major differences that I use, as compared to yahoo, is the ‘labels’ feature instead of folders. Since one email can exist with multiple labels, it makes organization a snap. Plus, emails are grouped by conversation as opposed to date – keeping them all together in one spot. A few other features include the ability to POP or forward without having a premium account (although I would be happy to pay for this), and you can use keyboard shortcuts to save time.

Since Google is going IMAP, it makes the decision to fully switch over a no-brainer. Now my lables can match up with my folders in outlook, meaning I’m always in sync no matter where I am. Yet because it hasn’t been rolled out to everyone, I’m very curious as to how this will work given an email can exist with multiple labels in gmail, but not in multiple folders in Outlook.

I’ve also moved TWO of my companies over to Google Apps, since it has a feature that will handle your email using your own custom domain, for free! (Although I am paying for this for a few added features). Easy to administer, took about 5 minutes to set up, and works in an interface I’m used to.

Yet another reason I’m voting Google For President.